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TACenergy serves fuel needs for a variety of retail, wholesale, commercial, government and industrial customers, including:

Convenience Stores (C-Stores)

Big Box Retail

Wholesale Jobbers


Oil & Gas Developments

Waste Disposal & Recycling




Government & Municipalities



And More

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With retail experience in everything from convenience stores to large supermarkets, to corporate airlines, we are able to offer full coverage programs that improve your retail margins and create adequate pricing strategies.

Private Brand Retail Fuel
We offer a wide variety of options to the many convenience store operators that prefer to use a private label brand. Whether you want to sell gasoline under your own brand name or use an established private fuel brand, we have the extensive supply and vast knowledge of the market to help you meet your needs.

Major Brand Retail Fuel
Those who wish to use brand name fuel will benefit from our relationships with many large fuel brand companies. Depending on your needs, location, facility, and other factors, we can offer a major brand marketing program to optimize business potential.


Increase Store Revenue
Automotive gasoline retailing by supermarkets is becoming one of the fastest growing trends in the petroleum industry as well as a popular way to increase revenue in big box stores across the nation. TACenergy can help you create a convenient, competitively priced fuel center that will attract and retain customers.

Implementation Programs
We have developed complete fuel programs to assist supermarkets with the fuel center implementation process. These programs will take you from beginning to end, including project and site management, employee training, and helpful marketing strategies along the way.

Along with developmental programs, we offer many services to ensure your fuel center remains successful:

24/7 Supply & Logistics representatives available

Large nationwide supply of fuel

Proficient inventory control systems


We offer major brands to independent dealers and jobbers with the most aggressive dealer assistance program in the industry. Over the years, we have developed relationships with major refiners, which allows us to supply our customers adequately. In addition, our vast experience enables us to ensure timely deliveries at terminals and refinery points and also maintain accurate inventory control.

Flexible Pricing & Terms
Options include spot quoting with no contract, guaranteed supply contracts ranging from 1 to 10 years with varying price options including OPIS, Platts, Argus, Low Rack Cost Plus, NYMEX, Fixed or Spot quotes.

Guaranteed Supply
TACenergy has supply contracts with refiners as well as self-owned product throughout Teppco, Colonial, Explorer and Magellan pipeline systems.

Working Capital & Credit Efficiency
Access every supplier in a specific market with one credit line.


Biofuels, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and other government mandates are quickly and constantly growing and changing. At TACenergy, we can help create programs to upgrade your fuel equipment to handle biofuels and provide a guarantee that you will meet local, state and federal environmental regulations.

Control fuel spending and minimize costs

Access web-based reporting tools and generate customized reports

Centralize, manage and implement optimized fuel procurement strategies

Overall buying power advantages with indexed OPIS & Platts pricing programs

Simplify your supply chain by bundling diesel fuel with DEF

Remain compliant with ever-changing biofuel mandates


TACenergy has a vast terminal network with guaranteed supply to meet your needs. Plus, all customers benefit from:

24/7 Supply & Logistics support

Nationwide fuel supply for gasoline, diesel, biodiesel and ethanol

Automatic, accurate inventory control

Maintain environmental compliances


At TACenergy, our efficiency-driven attitude to fuel management, as well as automatic and accurate inventory control, benefits waste disposal & recycling customers, in addition to:

24/7 Supply & Logistics support

Flexible price risk management programs

Nationwide fuel supply for gasoline, diesel, biodiesel and ethanol

Generate customized reports to meet your needs


Farmers, ranchers, poultry, dairy and other agricultural fuel users: We are here to help customize a price risk management program for diesel, off-road diesel and biodiesel. Also, we are distributors of TerraCair Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

One call, one invoice, one solution for diesel fuel and DEF

24/7 Supply & Logistics support

Flexible price risk management programs to control fuel-related expenses

Nationwide fuel supply for gasoline, diesel, biodiesel and ethanol

Automatic, accurate inventory control

Maintain environmental compliances


We sell competitively-priced aviation fuel and offer other aviation-related services at TAC Air FBO locations throughout the U.S.


Our aviation division, TAC Air, provides FBO services for all areas of aviation. Each TAC Air FBO offers customized services, including ground handling, aircraft fueling, hangar space, aircraft maintenance, cargo handling, de-icing services and more.

Corporate Flight Departments & Air Carriers

We provide bulk transport deliveries of our competitively-priced jet fuel to customer locations across the nation. Our sophisticated forms of inventory control paired with a dedicated 24/7 in-house staff creates a worry-free environment for maintaining your fuel supply.


We have a guaranteed supply with any combination of terminals, volume and timing - all under one contract. Whether you need gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, ethanol or Diesel Exhaust Fluid, the TACenergy Price Risk Management tools put you in control of your fuel budget.

Sophisticated price risk management tools

24/7 Supply & Logistics support

Large, nationwide supply of fuel

Supply chain optimization

Automatic, accurate inventory control systems

Receive assistance meeting environmental standards

Web-based environment for quotes, invoices and custom analysis reports


We can supply all of the bulk fuel needed at the power generating stations and fleet centers of energy companies across the nation. By examining your existing facilities, equipment, operations and inventories, we can create a customized program that will control fuel prices and guarantee your fuel availability. Our combination of services will undoubtedly save you thousands of dollars in procurement and accounting costs as well as meet all of your fuel needs.

Competitive pricing

24/7 Supply & Logistics support

Supply sources located throughout the country

Sophisticated inventory control systems

Web-based tools to receive invoices, quotes and custom analysis reports


We are a prominent and trusted fuel supplier to the nation’s government agencies. Having supply locations across the U.S. enables us to serve as a reliable fuel source.

Flexible price risk management programs to control fuel-related expenses

Large, nationwide fuel supply, including gasoline, diesel, biodiesel and ethanol

Automatic, accurate inventory control systems

Management of environmental compliances

24/7 Supply & Logistics support

Web-based quotes, invoices and custom analysis reports

Universal fleet cards and fleet management


For all types of mining across the country, we can develop programs to optimize your supply chain. On road, off road, diesel, biodiesel, DEF and gasoline from a single location to nationwide operations, our programs can be customized to fit your needs.

Inventory intelligence tools

24/7 Supply & Logistics call center

One call, one invoice, one solution for Diesel Fuel and DEF

Web-based tools to optimize your inventory, deliveries and purchasing

Maintain compliance with environmental regulations


Your bottom line depends on a fuel supplier as concrete as you. We can develop a program to optimize your operation’s supply chain, including on road, off road diesel, biodiesel, DEF and gasoline.

Inventory intelligence tools

24/7 Supply & Logistics call center

One call, one invoice, one solution for Diesel Fuel and DEF

Maintain compliance with environmental regulations

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Sales:  800-375-FUELSupply & Logistics:  800-808-6500

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