TACenergy is a Dallas, TX-based independent wholesale fuels distributor of refined petroleum products. Our customers include gasoline and diesel retailers, industrial users, transportation, oil & gas, waste disposal & recycling, trucking, government, utilities, mining, construction, plus any other commercial user or reseller of fuel.

Simply relying on the lowest rack price available at the moment of purchase is a huge risk to both your supply chain and overall fuel costs. At TACenergy, we take the purchasing muscle and flexibility of our national terminal network and combine it with the most efficient logistical and information technology tools. The result is a fuel supply chain that is optimized for every customer's needs in ways big oil is simply not equipped to provide.

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Products, Services, and Supply

Our goal is to be the most reliable, convenient, flexible and lowest cost fuel supplier in the nation. In addition, we provide our customers with added value services and 24/7/365 support based in Dallas, TX. With an annualized fuel volume in excess of two-and-a-half billion gallons, TACenergy has a vast terminal supply network as well as regional sales offices across the country.


24/7 Supply & Logistics

Highly-trained logistics professionals are always available in our 24/7 Supply and Logistics call center.


Custom Web Tools

With one of the most advanced collections of web-based tools available, managing your fuel supply and support data is easier with TACenergy.


Inventory Intelligence

Inventory Intelligence with TACenergy monitors tank inventory, ties the data into online tools and trading market intelligence, accurately anticipates demand and automatically dispatches orders.


Industry Solutions

We serve the fuel needs of a wide range of retail, wholesale, commercial, government and industrial customers with our products and services.


Terminal Network

TACenergy's purchasing muscle exceeds two-and-a-half billion gallons per year, and we have the most extensive terminal network of any independent fuel supplier.

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Fuel & Support Products

Choose from a complete range of fuels & support products.

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Fuels (Branded & Unbranded)

We offer custom retail gas programs.


Diesel Exhaust Fluid

The EPA is changing emissions standards for NOx emissions, particulate matter and other pollutants from diesel engines. DEF is used in the emissions systems on new diesel-powered equipment to meet these standards.


Cooperative Purchasing

Streamlining the purchasing power of public procurement entities through cost and time efficiencies obtained with pre-established contracts on a national, regional and local level. TACenergy bids and manages contracts through purchasing partners to enhance the purchasing process for government, public, education and non-profit entities needing fully negotiated contracts to react quickly with buying decisions.

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OFFICIAL Announcement Header Graphic - Grizzle Helm
TACenergyThursday, Sep 14, 2023

Strategic Leadership Positions Bolster TACenergy Organic Growth Plans To Reach 3 Billion Gallons Annually

Hazel Helm as Director of Supply and Randy Grizzle as Director, Sales & Marketing add depth to senior management team and support to key service areas

DALLAS (September 14, 2023) – TACenergy, one of the nation’s largest wholesale fuel sales companies headquartered in Dallas, Texas announced the appointment of two newly created positions supporting company growth plans to extend competitively priced product sales across the U.S.

As the Director of Sales & Marketing, Randy Grizzle brings over 25 years of U.S. fuel marketing experience leading sales development and data analytics for regional/national mid-stream energy companies. “The growth and high level of customer service TACenergy continues to bring to market reflects the activity of a very powerful team”, said Grizzle, “and I am excited to assist the company in achieving its highest potential.” Grizzle will put his focus toward continued business development opportunities, furthering current and future relationships with key national and regional companies in conjunction with developing processes and programs that enhance the foundation of company service levels.

Focusing on upstream supply relationships and contract development, Hazel Helm joins the company as Director of Supply and brings her 17-year multi-faceted strategic buying and analysis experience combined with a background from the refiner’s point of view to strengthen the national supply experience for TACenergy. Helm’s presence adds to existing business intelligence ensuring a well-managed national supply system with availability at over 800 U.S. terminals in the TACenergy network. Helm shared her outlook upon joining, “TACenergy is poised to lead the transformation of fuel distribution to include all energy resources and the vast long-term relationships with suppliers signifies its strength as the leader and I am excited to be a part of it.”

Fred Sloan, Chief Operating Officer of TACenergy shared, “The addition of Randy and Hazel comes at a time to support the growth trajectory we are experiencing and gives our team incremental depth extending our potential to reach new volume goals while continuing to lead the industry with the absolute best service levels in logistics and professional services.”

The TACenergy ‘Drive to 3 Billion’ goal is set to be achieved through organic growth and with the surety of our suppliers, carriers, and customers being treated with the respect and integrity that are the foundational tenets the company has maintained for nearly 60 years.

About TACenergy

TACenergy, a Dallas, Texas-based wholesale distributor of refined petroleum products is supported by 17 regional offices, one of the nation’s largest supply networks and over 100 employees across the 48 lower United States. Delivering customer value through customized fuel management programs, a 24/7 Supply & Logistics call center and a commitment to efficiency and accuracy, TACenergy exceeds industry standards to create sustainable growth. Annual volume exceeds two-and-a-half billion gallons for seven-and-a-half billion dollars in revenue. Ultimately, it’s the company associates and their passion for service that sets TACenergy apart.

Learn more about TACenergy, at www.tacenergy.com. Don’t Just Buy Fuel. Fuel Your Future.

Market Talk

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Pivotal Week For Price Action
Market TalkMonday, May 20, 2024

Energy Prices Are Starting The Week On A Soft Note

Energy prices are starting the week on a soft note, after a strong finish pushed WTI back above $80 Friday, while RBOB rallied more than 14 cents off of its low for the week and ULSD added 11.

Plenty of geopolitical turmoil doesn’t appear to be stirring much buying interest so far. The biggest story of the weekend is that Iran’s president was killed in a helicopter crash, setting off a slew of questions in one of the world’s largest exporters of oil and violence. In other regime change news, the Saudi Crown Prince is delaying travel due to the deteriorating health of the king just as the country is about to sign a historic security deal with the US.

The market is also appearing to shrug off more “same old violence” news: Another round of drone strikes took another Russian refinery off-line over the weekend, and an oil tanker going from Russia to China was hit by a Houthi Missile, which proves the rebel group’s aim continues to be better than its judgement, particularly with Russia’s oil exports accounting for the vast majority of the southbound tanker traffic through the Red Sea. While these ongoing attacks are no doubt creating supply issues locally, they’ve yet to move the needle on the global market.

Throwing in the towel? Money managers reduced both their long and short positions in WTI and RBOB contracts last week as some big funds seemed to be giving in to the idea that the spring rally is officially over, while others may already be taking profits after the big sell-off in May. Brent crude saw more long liquidation and new short positions added, while both ULSD and Gasoil diesel contracts saw fresh bets on higher prices ahead after prices reached 10-month lows last week. The open interest on ULSD contracts reached a 2.5 year high last week as the reduction in volatility this year continues to encourage more participants to rejoin the market after bailing out during the chaos of 2022.

Two big Reuters stories on the potential “Game Changer” refineries in the Atlantic Basin: Nigeria’s huge new refinery struck a supply deal with French oil major Total, as that facility continues to ramp up production, bringing a new major buyer for WTI, and a new seller of refined products. That facility still isn’t producing much in the way of fully finished products, but it’s already sending partially refined fuels to US and European refiners for further processing. Meanwhile, Mexico’s “dream” refinery continues to be a nightmare as actual crude processing rates are just 5% of capacity despite numerous claims by the country’s president and PEMEX puppets to the contrary. The longer that refinery is unable to produce finished products, the more demand there will be for US Gulf Coast refineries who depend on Mexico for roughly half of their gasoline exports and a third of their diesel sent out of the country.

Baker Hughes reported a net increase of 1 oil rig drilling in the US last week bringing the total to 497 rigs vs 575 this time last year, while the natural gas rig count held steady at 103 compared to 141 a year ago. The increase for oil rigs was the first in 4 weeks.

Valero reported a 2nd upset in as many days at its McKee refinery in the TX panhandle that knocked an FCC unit offline. Surprisingly that appears to be the only refinery reporting a unit knocked offline by last week’s deadly storms, despite more severe weather sweeping through Houston and across much of refinery row.

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