Cooperative Purchasing with Sourcewell

The purpose of cooperative purchasing is to save time and money by purchasing from ready-to-use, competitively solicited contracts. TACenergy has successfully completed and been awarded a contract as a fuel supplier offering sales, management and delivery of bulk fuel products including refined petroleum products, renewable and bioproducts and select fuel additives.

In addition to fuel products, TACenergy offers a complete service program that includes;

  • inventory buying and management

  • inventory intelligence and advanced data-management system to keep you up to date on all the data supporting your purchase, storage and delivery of fuel

  • purchased inventory access to provide the highest level of monitoring and intelligence

  • nationwide supply, carrier and distribution network ensures deliverability to all regions

  • 24/7/365 supply & logistics to make sure your correct order arrives as planned

  • a vast terminal network across the 48 contiguous United States

  • a highly qualified emergency preparedness program to make sure product is available and delivered at the most vulnerable periods

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