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What started as a mindset of one man and a fuel truck serving the northeast corner of the state of Texas and the area surrounding Texarkana, has seen decades of growth, resilient change and sustained redefining of the company. Almost 60 years later TACenergy has become one of the leading independent wholesale energy suppliers providing the highest level of logistics, technology, training and unsurpassed service in the United States. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas and supported by its original offices in Texarkana and 17 strategically placed sales offices across the lower 48 states TACenergy defines the industry expectation of service, innovation and success under its current leadership of Greg Arnold, CEO and Fred Sloan, COO.

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Efficiency And Accuracy Through Training, Technology and Teamwork

TACenergy delivers the highest level of service in the energy sector because that’s what you do when you are the best

Historically known as Truman Arnold Companies, TACenergy started in 1964 as a Texarkana, Texas-based Conoco Distributor. Founded on principles that stressed steady growth and a passion for customer service, the result has been almost six decades of sustained growth and reinvention lead by its CEO Greg Arnold.

Today, TACenergy continues to redefine not only the service levels that exceed expectations across a complex and faceted sector of the energy business from up-stream, mid-stream, transportation and storage to the downstream retail delivery sector. No matter the industry served, TACenergy places its customers first and strives to be the best service provider. Chief Executive Officer, Greg Arnold states when sharing company philosophy, “Be the best. We don’t need to be the biggest, but let your passion for what you do, show in your level of service.”

Working to supply and manage logistics for every industry or consumer sector that needs fuel and refined petroleum products, TACenergy pioneers service processes, use of technology in logistics and leads operations in the highest level of efficiency that benefit its customers through execution and service.

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